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Hello, I’m Karey, and I’m a lipstick and high heel wearing denizen of the People’s Republic of Portland, sex geek, juicy dame, and a saucy book nerd with a vagina.

Amongst my certifications, I am an Erospirit Certified Intimacy Coach & Educator, and Somatic Sex Educator with a certificate in sexological bodywork, and a member of the SSEA (Somatic Sex Educators Association). I am a graduate of Barbara Carrellas’ Urban Tantra for Professionals Training Program, and Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach.


I have the knowledge, skill and experience to meet you where you are to assist you in building a bridge to the more embodied, sexually happy, and erotically enriched human that lies within, without judgements or expectations. You’ll be greeted with compassion and positivity, regardless of where you are or where you want your journey to take you. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a friendly expert by your side, giving you caring and constructive feedback, informed suggestions, information, and asking the right questions?  All persons are welcomed and embraced...with all of your unique inner beauty, past experiences, traumas, triumphs, questions, struggles, and strengths.

“Karey’s compassion, loving intention and good humor immediately put me at ease and made it possible to both listen to her and my body. She has a magical way of making sex education accessible and is an absolute joy to work with. I’ve been both a client and a co-facilitator with Karey, and her wisdom and gentle way is always appreciated. I wholeheartedly embrace her skill and knowledge as a caring, empathic sex educator. Like me, you will grateful for her guidance and advice. Highly recommended as a coach!”


–Amy Weissfeld, sex coach and educator at

What is Somatic Sex Education?

Somatic sex education uses education, information and body based exercises and practices to integrate new, generative approaches to pleasure and fulfillment, and to break through barriers that inhibit the full expression of pleasure available to an individual.

“Somatic practices empower us to regulate our nervous systems, so we have more sense of choice, and therefore safety, in our relationship with sex. Indeed, we can only really open to erotic pleasure when we have a foundational sense of safety. To trust ourselves and others, we also need to experience setting clear boundaries, and feel the power of asking for what we want and being listened to. As we feel more resourced, we gain in ability to stay present from moment-to-moment with erotic feeling, alone and with others. Through the actual practice of being in touch with our own courage and resilience, we can learn to choose pleasure, practice happiness, and bring more pleasure and happiness into our world.”


- Caffyn Jesse, from “Science for Sexual Happiness”